Carpet Cleaning

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Carpet Cleaning

As one of Dublin and Ireland’s longest established carpet cleaning companies. We offer clients the highest standard of deep carpet cleaning services.

By utilising a variety of carpet cleaning methods, techniques and equipment we can help revitalise even the most neglected carpet.
Our professional carpet cleaning experts can access the needs of your carpet and offer one of our two carpet cleaning solutions.

  • Full Carpet Wet Wash The traditional method to clean carpets. A carpet wet wash uses a variety of safe chemicals which penetrates deep into the carpet breaking up dirt and stains and fully revitalising the carpet. Full carpet shampoos also effectively eliminate dried in stains or odours.

  • Buff and Wash This modern method of carpet cleaning effectively removes all type of stains and ground-in dirt from a carpet. The innovative buff method means less moisture is required allowing the carpet to dry quicker than a traditional full carpet wet wash. Our carpet buff and wash is perfect for commercial buildings that want to keep drying time to an absolute minimum.

The Importance of Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning can be essential after

  • A Building project or a home improvement project

  • After a party to remove stubborn stains

  • Revitalise a worn Carpet

  • To return the colour vibrancy to a carpet

For the best in professional carpet cleaning services, get in contact with the experts at 5 Star Facility Services today.

Carpet Cleaning FAQ

  • I need a carpet cleaning company near me. What is your catchment area?

    We are a Dublin based carpet cleaning company that is available to all sized buildings and building types in Dublin and in the surrounding counties.

  • Do you offer free carpet cleaning quotes?

    Yes, our helpful and professional customer service team – available by phone or email – can offer you a full and comprehensive carpet cleaning cost quote.