COVID-19 Cleaning

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COVID-19 Cleaning

5 Star Facility Services offers clients all over Dublin the highest standard of COVID-19 cleaning and COVID-19 disinfecting.

We are available to domestic properties commercial properties and industrial properties all over Dublin and the surrounding counties.

We use the very latest COVID-19 misting technology to quickly and effectively remove the virus from surfaces over a large area.

Our chemical COVID-19 disinfectant removes the trace presence of the viruses from the walls, floor and the ceiling. The cleaner we use is medical and catering graded, making it safe to use in food prep areas. While all of our cleaning services include the use of disinfectants as part of normal and deep cleaning 5Star specialises in COVID-19 fumigations and has invested in the necessary equipment.  We can fumigate specialist areas as well as general areas and can also treat your vehicles (vans, trucks and cars) as required.

Use of Victory Innovations Electrostatic Sprayers

To schedule a full COVID-19 disinfectant, get in contact with 5 Star Facility Services today.

Our COVID-19 Cleaning Services

  • Equipment We use the victory static misting machine, which helps us effectively disinfect large areas quickly. The chemical we use kills the virus but is safe for humans to re-enter a disinfected area within two hours.

  • Commercial and Domestic We have the resources and manpower to complete COVID-19 disinfectants in large commercial buildings, industrial buildings and domestic properties.

  • Cost-Effective Our COVID-19 Cleaning and disinfectant service is competitively priced and available to clients all over the greater Dublin area.

 Schedule a full COVID-19 disinfectant service today. We are available to all building types.

COVID-19 Cleaning FAQ

  • I need a COVID-19 cleaning near me. What is your catchment area?

    As a Dublin based cleaning company, we offer our COVID-19 cleaning services to clients in Dublin and the surrounding counties.

  • What properties do you disinfect?

    Our COVID-19 disinfectant equipment is safe to use in everything from domestic properties to industrial properties. The disinfectant is medical and catering graded, meaning it’s safe to use in areas where food will be prepared.